Mobile Repairing Course Patna

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At ABC Mobile Institute of Technology, we provide students with the opportunities to join Mobile Repairing Course in Patna and become a professional mobile chip level engineer. The course is technical training of short duration that helps students to start their career into the mobile engineering field. The instructors in ABC Mobile Institute mobile repairing institute in Boring Road are highly qualified and focus on each type of phone troubleshooting. The course modules cover locking, unlocking, software and hardware reset along with several other mobile faults. Further, our industry connections and policy of attaining 100% student satisfaction has helped us in becoming one of the best laptop and mobile repairing training centers in Rajendra Nagar.

Mobile Repairing Course Patna

Benefits of Mobile Repair Study:

The study of mobile technology has many advantages. It helps to know the technology behind repairing cell phones of various brands. ABC Mobile Institute is the leader of mobile training and has expertise in teaching all about mobile repair techniques used in the service industry. Student can do mobile repairing course in Patna and can later find respectable jobs in mobile brands, companies, and reputed firms. Other features of the course are as follow:


  • Academic Support Material
  • Get Free Software & Hardware CDs
  • Training in Advanced Infrastructure
  • Get a Diploma Certificate
  • Become a mobile engineer in 90 days

For Mobile Course:

Become a Mobile Engineer in 90 Days!

mobile repairing course is for everyone who wants to become a professional mobile engineer.

Learn to repair all types of Smartphones and Mobile Accessories in few months!


Professional Mobile Repairing Courses:

Begin your mobile technical training from any of ABC mobile repair courses:

Mobile Repairing Engineering (MRE) 3 months

(For Card-Level Study)

Mobile Advance Repairing Engineering (MARE) 1 month

(For Chip Level Study)

Mobile Expert Repairing Engineering (MERE) 4 months

(Complete Card +Chip Level Repair Engineer)


Why Select ABC Mobile Institute Courses?

  • 7 Years of Experience
  • Theory and Practical Classes
  • Advance Lab Facilities
  • Free Job and Business Support

ABC Mobile Institute Technology is a basic card level course. Students in 10th, 12th, graduation or even professionals are eligible for this mobile repair training. At the end of the course, you will get a diploma certification and job placement assistance.

Mobile Card-Level Course Syllabus:

  • Basic Mobile Phone & Chip Level Training
  • Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing
  • Special Chinese Mobile Repairing Training
  • Mobile Phone Basic Electronics & Complete Hardware Repairing


ABC Mobile Institute Technology is a chip-level advance course. In this course, you will learn how to repair I-Phones, Blackberry and Samsung Android Phone.


Mobile Chip Level Course Syllabus:

  • Advance Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing
    • Smartphones – Features, Components, Fault Finding, etc.


  • Advance Mobile Phone Software Repairing
    • Smartphone Upgrade, Flashing, Hard Reset, Online Repairs, etc.


The advance course is the best Smartphone repair training in India. We provide free repair kits, fault solutions books, and job placement help.


Want to attend a FREE Demo class, call our counselors at 9990-879-879.

ABC Mobile Institute Expert of Mobile Technology) is a combo level course. This mobile course provides card level + chip level training to become a complete mobile engineer.


About Course:

  • 4- Month Full Mobile Course
  • 3 Months Basic Course) + 1 Month Advance Course
  • Learn to repair Basic, Chinese, Blackberry, Android and I Phones
  • Special Service Center Classes


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