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Computer Hardware Course

ABC Mobile Repairing Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi Training provide courses according to industry needs, that the students can get job opportunities in the developing field of computer hardware course. Students are given detailed classroom knowledge about the basic fundamentals of desktops and understanding of hardware. These short time computer hardware courses include learning about microprocessor, motherboard, monitors, assembling a PC, hardware troubleshooting skills and working with printers and scanners.

Computer Hardware Course

The outline of the Computer Hardware Course is as follows:

Computer Hardware Course

  • Identifying computer hardware
  • Identifying types of computing devices
  • Identifying Internal computer components
  • Identifying common types of computer connectors
  • Identifying common peripheral devices
  • Identifying and understanding computer software
  • Understanding compare functions and features operating systems
  • Identifying and understanding application software
  • Setting up of a basic computer workstation
  • Connecting hardware
  • Installing and configuring operating systems
  • Installing and configuring applications
  • Configuring accessibility options and networking access
  • Understanding Network connection types and their functioning
  • Installing and configuring routers
  • Understanding networking and alternative technologies
  • Understanding sharing and storage methods
  • Working with files, folders, and applications
  • Learning navigating file structures
  • Managing files and folders
  • Compressing and extracting files
  • Creating screen captures
  • System board definition and its evolution
  • Motherboard removal and Replacement
  • Troubleshooting the motherboard
  • Functioning and types of physical CPU
  • Processor Levels
  • Sockets and slots of CPU
  • Understanding RAM and ROM
  • Understanding physical memory packaging
  • Types of memory and breaking down of memory
  • Managing memory
  • Fixing common memory faults
  • Power supplies and their faults
  • Power management and battery testing
  • Troubleshooting the power supply
  • Understanding hard disk functioning and their interfaces
  • Evaluating the performance of Hard Disk and troubleshooting the Hard Drive
  • CD-ROM background, drives, discs and drive formats
  • CD-ROM drive specifications and interface
  • Video controller, graphics cards, memory choices, and graphics controller
  • Video graphics adapter and graphics card processor
  • Operation of a graphics accelerator
  • Limitations of graphics cards
  • Sound card, its history, concepts and terminology
  • Monitor, types and their functioning
  • Displays and their types
  • Health and Safety Concerns
  • Monitor Connections
  • Computer Assembling
  • Configuring and using wireless devices
  • Securing computing devices
  • Identifying security threats by applying best practices
  • Performing secure web browsing
  • Supporting computers and users
  • Safety and the Computer
  • Input & output devices in the form of Current & voltage
  • Disposal of Computer Parts and Components
  • Environmental and safety concepts
  • Taking back-up and restoring data
  • Implementing basic support measures


This Computer Hardware Course provides a practical training in installation, configuration, assembling, optimizing and upgrading the computer system. It imparts useful skills required for maintenance and repair of computer hardware.  Hardware networking certificate helps you earn a job and sets you up to be able to keep up with new machines that are realized in the market daily. This certificate helps you in gaining the confidence of your employer and makes you competent in setting up your new business. Best Computer Hardware Repairing Course in Laxmi Nagar.