Laptop Repairing Course


Laptop Repairing Course

Various laptop repairing course and engineering programmes are available with ABC mobile Institute of Training. Quality training and teaching by our experts makes the students competent in the field of basic electronic concepts, practical use of tools, practical concepts of software, networking basics and advanced chip level repairing.

Join ABC Mobile Institute of Technology Laptop Repairing Course in delhi.

 Laptop Repairing Course of different duration provided by the Institute are as follows:

Laptop Repairing Engineering – Card Level (LRE) 3 months

Laptop Advanced Repairing Engineering – Chip Level (LARE) 3 months

Laptop Expert Repairing Engineering – Card and Chip Level (LERE) 6 months


Outline of Laptop Repairing Course are as follows:

Basic Electronics:

  • Basic Electronics Concept, Rules for Flow of Current,  AC/DC Concept,  Formation of Current.
  • Resistor- symbol, function, denoting letter, types of resistor, type of coding, value measurement by Multi-meter and SMD Tester.
  • Capacitor – function, testing of capacitor by Multi-meter and SMD tester, types and identification of capacitor,  value measurement by SMD tester.
  • Coil – function, symbol, denoting letter, types of material, properties of coil, types of coil and their Identification, testing of coil.
  • Diode: symbol, function, types of Diode,testing, identification of types.
  • Transistor: introduction, symbol, types,  denoting letter, NPN and PNP Concept, testing of transistor and their function.
  • Mosfet: introduction, types and their identification, testing of Mosfet, and concepts.
  • Crystal: introduction, types and their identification and their testing.
  • Transformer and IC.

Laptop Repairing Course

Practical Use of Tools:

  • Information and understanding of practical tools.
  • Soldering and desoldering.

Fundamentals of Computers (Card Level Training):

  • Basics, use and generation of Computer.
  • Installation of operating systems.
  • Understanding of system and application software.
  • Functioning of control panel.
  • Basics of computer hardware, parts and their functioning.
  • Functioning of hard disk, monitor, CPU, Motherboard, CD drive, RAM, ROM, keyboard, mouse.
  • Assembling and disassembling of computer.
  • Software training.

Networking Basics (Card Level Training):

  • Understanding of Networking.
  • Types of network and their topology.
  • Types of cables, connectors and cable structure.
  • IP Address and sub netting.
  • Sharing files, printer and other devices with Networking.

Advanced Chip Level Desktop and Laptop Repairing Course Training:

  • Motherboard, concept, its overview and its block diagram.
  • Identification and functioning of all types of chips, slots, sockets and ports
  • Working Concept of Motherboard
  • RAM Supply:  Types of RAM, their Identification, RAM operating voltage, circuit and supply pin
  • Circuit: Identification, tracing, testing and troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic Card: LED status, coding concept
  • CRO Machine: Complete Operating of CRO
  • ROM data and RAM Data: ROM and RAM data testing
  • Repairing of RAM
  • BIOS Programming
  • Assembling and Dissembling of Laptop
  • Identification of all ports and sockets of laptop and their function
  • Battery Charging and Discharging Circuit. Tracing and Fault Finding
  • Audio channels like mike, headphone and internal speakers
  • ROM –Types of ROM identification and Circuit tracing
  • Schematic Diagram and their use for motherboard circuit tracing
  • Keyboard and Touch pad Circuit
  • BGA machine operation
  • Laptop CPU socket details
  • Password removal tips
  • VGA Port
  • Input Output Controller chip Connection Circuit
  • Use of DC supply machine
  • Laptop display assembly
  • Identification of all chip of laptop motherboard
  • Common faults of laptop and troubleshooting

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