Training Process

At ABC, we train our students using the latest and most updated product in market, some of them are

BGA Machine

BGA Machine is machine needed for removing the IC from the mother board of computer main board, cell phone mother board and all kind of SMD boards. It is used not only for replacing the faulty chips in the board but also for re-balling.  We provide basic structure for setting up your profile for a BGA Reworking Machine using available tools.  The system can be easily configured to your requirements, with a good range of advanced features to choose from, allowing the operator to quickly and safely rework all type of components without overheating the component.

CRO Machine

CRO is a device that stores various measurement values of different instants of time of a particular signal and then and traces measurement over a certain period of time. It is widely used for all trouble shooting radio and TV receivers smart tv , led lcd  as well as laboratory work involving all part research and design. We provide an excellent buyers guide for people who are looking to buy a CRO.

SMD Machine

Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) is one such approach that works by mounting the circuit of components directly onto the printed circuit board resulting into what is called a surface mounted device. This is common replacement for the traditional soldering into holes in a circuit board since it results to tightly squeezed and versatile builds. We deal in all kind of SMD machines. We also warranty our product with full technical assistance and training.


We provide multimeter which is an instrument designed to measure electric current, voltage and usually resistance, typically over several ranges of value. Our digital multimeters combine the testing capabilities of single task meters and are used by electrical contractors and service technician across a wide range of trades including appliance repair.

BIOS Programmer

We sell reliable BIOS programmers which are used for laptop and desktop motherboard bios programming. The BIOS is usually stored on an EEPROM chip — an Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. Under  ideal conditions you can flashing it with a little bit of all software flash. If things go spectacularly bad (i.e. the system is bricked), you’d have to pop the chip out of the motherboard, pop it into a programmer, rewrite the chip with it, then pop it back into the system.

Laptop Battery Tester

Laptops are used for multiple purposes mainly to store data and records. Without a decent battery laptop is nothing more than an underpowered and backup less desktop. We provide efficient laptop battery testers which can scan battery voltage, export them and show graphs. These testers are quality assured and created with the use of best quality machines, Exa:- CRO machines, BGA machines, all software tools and expertise to keep it as per all required standards. These testers are affective and available in affordable rates.

Debug Card

Debug cards are used to troubleshoot a non-booting computer, hardware and BIOS faults in the CPU. Once installed in a computer, it gets protected against all bugs which impair the functioning of a PC. We provide Debug cards which are easy to install and cost worthy.