LCD/LED/Smart TV Repairing Course

LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course

LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course

ABC Mobile Institute gives training for the best LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course. Their highly experienced faculty provides full practical and advanced training to students. TV repair training courses provided a basic understanding of LED TV Repairing Course technology and practical knowledge of assembling and disassembling of the component, replacing components, tracing and fault repair techniques.

 LED LCD Smart TV Repairing Course Module & Details:- 

This LCD LED Smart TV repairing Course outlines the following elements:-

Identifying and understanding the basic block diagram of LCD/LED television

Liquid crystal diode (LCD) and Light-emitting diode (LED) displays

Understanding of power supply and inventor board

Understanding and functioning of the main processing board

Understanding and functioning of the controller

Understanding and functioning of an LCD driver unit

Understanding and functioning of Standby Circuit

Introduction to LCD/LED technology

Comparison between the CRT technology, LCD technology and LED technology

Advantages and disadvantages of these modern technologies

Various modern system advantages

Color quality

Working of smart apps

Storage details

Understanding, functioning, programming and updating  flash ROM

HDMI data system

Tools, tricks, and equipment required in LCD/LED repair

Introduction to various tools like Analog Multimeter, Digital Multi-Meter, Hot Air Soldering Station, Re-bolling Machine, Digital Microscope

Assembling and disassembling a TV

Basic Tools used in assembling and disassembling

Precautions and safety measures used while assembling and disassembling

Finding and fixing of faults

Quick diagnosis of defective parts

Troubleshooting a TV and various problems

Various connection problems and their fixing

Fixing PSU (Power Supply Unit) failures, inverter board failures, and mainboard failures

Fixing Video and Audio issues

Fixing OSD/Menu Failure

Fixing white screen, rainbow screen, negative reveres, mirror image and line in picture issues

Fixing no backlight issue

Multimedia projectors, their functioning, and common faults

Functioning, type, and testing of Resistor

Functioning, type, and testing of Capacitor

Functioning, type, and testing of Inductor

Functioning, type, and testing of Diode

Functioning, type, and testing of Bridge Rectifier

Functioning, type, and testing of Transistor

Functioning, type, and testing of Mosfet

Functioning, type, and testing of Optoisolator

Functioning, type, and testing of Voltage Regulator

Basic maintenance and troubleshooting

LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course:- 24*7 support is given to students via a website where students can ask any queries without disrupting the classroom training or feeling conscious. LCD LED Smart TV repairing Course provides a unique platform to students where they can experience professional and personal growth through on the job training. Courses provided by the institute are vocational and skill-based so it is made sure that the students can implement their knowledge while working on site.

Led Tv Repairing Course:- Trainers help students gain an edge against their competitors by imparting training specific to their career goals Students are given an opportunity to develop skills that can help them meet the industry expectations. Students taking the courses are capable of providing online guidance to users to sort minor faults and errors and also in providing onsite services. Students can easily score job opportunities in the market or set up their own service centers.

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ABC MIT offers the best LCD LED TV Repairing training course in Delhi. We provide all classes with fully practical knowledge. We teach with all latest tools and motherboard, LCD, LED

LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course in Delhi join anyone visits ABC Mobile Institute of Technology Head office Led TV Repairing course Call 9990-879-879 that provides excellent and advanced level training to our students. Our course plan is different from others because it includes detailed step by step training of various LED LCD tv repair training and after course we give special practical classes. In this LCD LED TV course students to get fully the latest version based training in our modern lab classrooms.
ABC MIT provides training in such a way that student should become an expert to solve all major faults like Liquid Crystals Displays, Liquid Crystals, Power Supply Board, Inverter Board, Rainbow Screen, OSD/Menu Failure, White Screen, Screen Flashes Then TV Shut Down, No Back Light and much more.
We have our separate placement cell to help our students work best according to their capabilities. Do not think twice before joining ABC MIT Institute for LCD LED TV training institute in Delhi and enjoy to secure livelihood.

Advantage of Led Tv Repairing Course

Led Lcd tv Repairing Course in Ghaziabad

We are an institute that is providing an LED TV repairing course that is advanced and job oriented. Our course is modern and we are giving the training to repair the entire latest model of TV. With the increasing number of LED TVs, the requirements of the repairing engineers are also increasing and so is the scope of LED TV repairing course. This course includes both theoretical and practical training that makes the course job oriented and worth doing. The modules are to support the practical sessions and have steps-by-steps instructions on implementing the theory practically. The faculty members are supportive and friendly.  They are experienced and can give some smart tips on repairing the LED TV that can help the students solve complex problems later on. We are providing LED TV repairing courses for almost all the LED TV brands like Samsung, Sony, Videocon, Panasonic, Sansui, Toshiba, and Philips, etc. We are providing placement assistance to our students and giving them training on mock interviews under a session called personality development. A student can also start his own LED TV repairing center after doing this course because the learning he will get from the course is enough to start a business and run it satisfactorily.