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Mobile Repairing Course

Mobile Repairing Course in DelhiABC Mobile Repairing Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi provides various short duration courses for various types of mobile repairing course in Delhi at affordable prices. The syllabus delivers practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of mobile repairing. These courses make students expert in fixing all hardware and software problems of all kind of cell phones. Best Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi Join ABC Mobile Institute.

Courses of different duration provided by the mobile repairing course in Delhi and the outline of Mobile Repairing Course are as follows:

Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi Details:- 

Mobile Repairing Engineering (MRE) 3 months

  • Basic Mobile Phone and Chip Level Training
  • Mobile Phone complete software repairing
  • Mobile Phone basic electronics and complete hardware repairing

Mobile Advance Repairing Engineering (MARE) 1 month

  • Advance Hardware Mobile Repairing Course
  • Special Chinese Mobile Repairing Course Training
  • Advance Mobile Phone Software Repairing

Mobile Expert Repairing Engineering (MERE) 4 months

This is a comprehensive course involving the syllabus of both the above courses

Basic Mobile Phone and Chip Level training Involves:

  • History of Mobile Phone
  • GSM and CDMA structure
  • Frequency and Channels
  • GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared
  • Mobile Phone assembly and disassembly
  • Overview of electronic components
  • Chip Level soldering and Desoldering

 Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing involves:

  • Computer parts and their operating
  • Installation of driver
  • Repairing of computer software with coding
  • Fixing all kinds of software problem
  • File Flashing, Set Dead, On/Off, Hang, Restart etc.
  • All kinds of locking and unlocking
  • Online IMEI repairing

Mobile Phone Basic Electronics and Complete Hardware Repairing involves:

  • Introduction to electronics
  • Types of current
  • Identification testing and working of electronic components
  • Basic tips for mobile phone hardware repairing
  • Circuit diagram reading
  • Mobile phone troubleshooting


Advance Hardware Mobile Repairing Course involves:

  • Introduction to smart phones
  • Detail of mobile operating system and its functions
  • Understanding of various features of smart phones
  • Identification of components and their functioning
  • Block diagram
  • Finding and fixing of fault
  • Understanding of GPRS and Wi-Fi system
  • Assembling and disassembling of smart phone


Advance Mobile Phone Software Repairing Course involves:

  • Upgrading of phone
  • Unlocking and locking of phone
  • IOS and Android apps installation

Other than this Tablet phone repairing courses which involve imparting of tablet basics, chip level practical training, trouble-shooting classes and software classes are also provided. The outline of this course is as follows: Introduction to basics of tablet phones

  • Introduction to tablet manufacturing
  • Introduction and understanding of the functioning of operating system
  • Introduction and understanding of functioning of processor
  • Block Diagram
  • Use of multi meter, resistor, capacitor, diode, transistor and transformer
  • Component soldering and desoldering
  • Replacing of components
  • Repair of display and touch screen
  • Introduction to parts of tablets
  • Finding and fixing of faults
  • Battery testing and repair charging faults
  • Installation, changing,  upgrading and downgrading of operating systems
  • Installation of driver
  • Installation of application
  • Troubleshooting of operating systems and application software
  • Locking and unlocking

Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi also provides complementary phone repairing toolkit, circuit charts and CDs of application software packages. On completion of the course students are provided certificate and assistance for job placements.