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Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course in Agra

Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course in Agra, Head Office Laxmi Nagar Delhi.


Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course in Agra

Learning in ABC Mobile Institute can be worthful

Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course in Agra. Being a student can sometimes create issues in your life, because a student has to decide what he wishes to pursue further. After passing the 12th, generally, students are stucked in deciding what to do now? They really don’t understand. At such situations, you wish to attain quick responses. Thinking what to start new? Giving a solution to this dilemma i.e. ABC Mobile Institute Jaipur.

Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course in Agra, Earlier the options of studying and job opportunities in India were few but with the development in infrastructure and geographical changes, Agra has shown growth at a different level. ABC Mobile Institute is well known for its services, offering students the chances to learn and increase their earning options. You may work as a professional in any MNC or any organization. You can also begin your career as an entrepreneur in Led Lcd Course in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

ABC Mobile Institute offers you growth opportunities. See how!

ABC Mobile Institute does not say because they believe in showing. Promises are meant to be fulfilled. Providing quality education is our main objective. We render our services for the sake o benefit of the students. They should become a quality led or LCD smart tv repairing engineer. Doing a diploma course will also make you earn in good numbers. Join Led Lcd Smart Tv course Jaipur, Agra.

Learning basic or advanced level course is your own wish. We train you for a successful career.

  • Business Support and Full Assistance

  • Free Demo Classes

  • Training by experienced teachers

  • 100% placement cell assistance

  • Personality Development Classes

  • Do Independent Business – Open Repair Shops and Showrooms

ABC Mobile Institute Course Details:- Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course in Agra

  • Liquid Crystals
  • Liquid Crystals Displays
  • The Power Supply Board
  • The Inverter Board
  • The Main Board
  • The Controller/T-con Board
  • The LCD Driver Board
  • The Stand By Circuit
  • The Liquid Crystal Display In Depth
  • Test Types of equipment
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Problem-solving and Testing Resistors
  • Problem-solving and Testing Capacitor
  • Problem-solving and Testing Inductors
  • Problem-solving and Testing Transistors
  • Problem-solving and Testing Diodes
  • Problem-solving and Testing Bridge Rectifiers
  • Problem-solving and Testing LEDs
  • Problem-solving and Testing Switching Transformers
  • Problem-solving and Testing Opto –Isolators
  • Problem-solving and Testing Voltage Regulators
  • Problem-solving and Testing Switches
  • Problem-solving and Testing Fuses
  • Some Testing Tips
  • Useful Formulas
  • How To Assemble Disassemble An LCD TV
  • Voltage Test Points
  • The Tap Test<
  • Freeze Spray and hair Dryers
  • Connection Problems
  • PSU (Power Supply Unit) Failures
  • Inverter Board Failures
  • No Video
  • No Audio
  • OSD/Menu Failure
  • White Screen
  • Rainbow Screen
  • Screen Flashes Then TV Shut Down
  • No Back Light
  • Lines In Picture
  • Cracked Panel
  • LCD TV Repair Case Histories
  • Safety
  • Parts Distributors


ABC Mobile Institute Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Institute in Agra is providing full business assistance to their students. Avail the future benefits.