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Led Lcd Repairing Course in Delhi india

100% Practical Training Provide Led Lcd Repairing Course in Delhi India by ABC Institute.

Brighten your future! 

Led Lcd Repairing Course in Delhi India

Join Led Lcd Repairing Course in Delhi

Led Lcd Repairing Course in Delhi India.

Residing in Delhi and looking for options which will give you tremendous growth in your career? Feeling the need for some good courses because you are not presently indulged in any work? Want to be employed and earn? ABC Mobile Institute has brought some good options for you. made it possible and easy for students to enhance their skills.

After doing 10th and 12th, you can enroll yourself in mobile repairing training in Keshav Puram. This is the best part if you study and join ABC Mobile Institute. No prior qualification is necessary.


What makes ABC Mobile Institute the best?

The most renowned Institute i.e. ABC Mobile institute is offering quality education. They have announced a new  Lcd Repairing Course in India. You will be given complete knowledge about how to do mobile repairing.  Courses of Led or Lcd Repairing have replaced other courses in market because of its scope and opportunities they generate for students in terms of job. These Led Lcd Repairing Course in Delhi are short-term courses that come with affordable fees. Features of:


  • Updated content syllabus

  • Modernized techniques of teaching

  • Trained and experienced faculty

  • Comfortable environment

  • Free Demo Class

  • 100% placement assistance

LED LCD Course Details:-

  • Liquid Crystals

  • Liquid Crystals Displays

  • The Power Supply Board

  • The Inverter Board

  • The Main Board

  • The Controller/T-con Board

  • The LCD Driver Board

  • The Stand By Circuit

  • The Liquid Crystal Display In Depth

  • Test Equipments

  • Schematic Diagrams

  • Understanding and Testing Resistors

  • Understanding and Testing Capacitor

  • Understanding and Testing Inductors

  • Understanding and Testing Transistors

  • Understanding and Testing Diodes

  • Understanding and Testing Bridge Rectifiers

  • Understanding and Testing LEDs

  • Understanding and Testing Switching Transformers

  • Understanding and Testing Opto –Isolators

  • Understanding and Testing Volatage Regulators

  • Understanding and Testing Switches

  • Understanding and Testing Fuses

  • Some Testing Tips

  • Useful Formulas

  • How To Diassamble An LCD TV

  • Voltage Test Points

  • The Tap Test<

  • Freeze Spray and hair Dryers

  • Connection Problems

  • PSU (Power Supply Unit) Failures

  • Inverter Board Failures

  • No Video

  • No Audio

  • OSD/Menu Failure

  • White Screen

  • Rainbow Screen

  • Screen Flashes Then TV Shut Down

  • No Back Light

  • Lines In Picture

  • Cracked Panel

  • LCD TV Repair Case Histories

  • Safety

  • Parts Distributors

Be a part of ABC Mobile Institute or Led Lcd Repairing Institute in Delhi India. Build and secure your career plus future with the scopes that these courses offer to you.